1. How do I shop? 1. Order Gifts that have already been curated by us (Curated Gift Boxes); 2. Order individual items without gift boxes.
  2. Do you do any kind of substitutions? Yes, we may substitute items such as packaging material (tissue paper, boxes, etc), candles, vases etc. Please email us if you have a specific question at: teamgifterbox@ gmail.com
  3. Are you a Subscription Box? No Subscription needed to buy from us!
  4. Do you offer Corporate Gifting and Custom Gifting? Yes! We'd love to help with your next corporate function. Whether it's 5 gift boxes or 500 gift boxes we enjoy designing & customizing unique gift boxes for your next  event.  Please reach out to us at: teamgifterbox@ gmail.com.
  5. Who are GifterBox Gift Boxes perfect for? Family, Friends, Clients, Co-workers, Realtors, Lenders, Corporate Gifts, Sales Industry & even YOU!
  6. What is the perfect occasion to send a GifterBox? Christmas Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Housewarming Gifts, Corporate Functions, Realtor Gifts, Closing Gifts, Get Well Soon Gifts, Thank You's, Congrats, Weddings, Valentine's, Mother's Day, Father's Day & more!
  7. What does "Collections" mean?  We curate unique Items & combine them into "Collections". Our Collections are based off of interior design styles (Farmhouse, Modern, Coastal etc), Holidays and Themes (Weddings, etc).
  8. Can I have the items shipped to me directly? Yes absolutely! The items can be shipped to you or to the person you're buying the gift for.
  9. What kind of gift packaging do you use? All of our gifts come in a gift box. We also include a hand-written note from you.
  10. Gifter = The person who Gives the Gift (i.e., You). 
  11. Giftee = The person who Receives the Gift (i.e. family, loved ones, clients, friends, etc.).
  12. Can I hand-deliver the GifterBox directly to my Giftee? Absolutely! Just have the GifterBox shipped directly to you.
  13. Do you guarantee a delivery day/date? No. Due to our inability to control the shipping/transit process, we cannot "guarantee" an arrival date for your GifterBox. 
  14. How long does shipping take? If the item ordered is in-stock, depending on the location of the Giftee, shipping should take between 2 to 8 days.
  15. Do you put a copy of the paid receipt inside of my Giftee’s GifterBox? Never! You received a copy of your paid receipt in your email. The only content of the GifterBox is the gift items, the packing material, a hand-written note from you and a packing slip without pricing.
  16. Do you charge for Shipping?  Yes. Your Shipping is calculated at checkout.
  17. What is your return policy? We do not accept returns.  We do not offer refunds.  All sales are final.
  18. What if items arrive damaged? We use third party shippers (UPS, etc) and damage can occur in transit from time to time. If any item arrives damaged, contact us within 24hrs of receipt at TeamGifterBox@gmail.com.  Send us pictures of the damaged item(s) as well as the internal and external packaging, and the postage mark. We will review your request and get back to you within 72-hrs with our determination. If the damage was incurred during shipping, we will send you a replacement of the same or similar item at our sole discretion.
  19. Does GifterBox require a recurring subscription (e.g. monthly or quarterly)? No, GifterBox is not a subscription box & we do not require a recurring purchase subscription. You can buy one GifterBox or as many as you'd like, as often as you like!