About Us

We're located in Phoenix & we're a 100% Female-Owned Company.

Interior Styles, There are many! Here are just a few:


Clean lines, uncluttered, simplicity with elements of wood, metal, glass & more.


It's not modern, it's not traditional; subtle colors or bright colors; elements include wood, metal, glass, floral, greenery and more.

Bohemian (boho)

Eclectic, casual, free spirit, mix of old & new, color, greenery & more.


Formal, curved lines, dark-toned woods, blues, formal florals and more.

Our "Pretty In Pink Gift Box"

Perfect gift for the one who loves all things Feminine💕

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Our "Delmare Gift Box"

Perfect gift for the one who loves an upscale coastal chic style🌊

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Our Poppy Gift Box

Perfect gift for the one who loves color💐

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Our Forever Flowers & Greenery Are Of the Highest Quality:

What Makes us different than most gift companies?

Other Gift Companies:

These companies sell items that quickly get drank, eaten, used or tossed. The problem? Your loved one completely forgets who gave them the gift because it no longer exists!

Our Gift company (Gifterbox):

Our gifts are kept by your loved ones. They're used over and over again... for years. This means they never forget the person who gave them the gift - YOU!

Other gift companies:

These companies sell food, drink, lotions (one never uses) & other filler items like trinkets, pens etc. These type of gifts are tossed or ate quickly which means you're forgotten about.

Our Gift company (gifterbox):

Imagine your loved one decorating with the gifts you gave them - year after year... Perhaps, they display the vase you gave them on their hall table. Guess who they'll think about as they pass this display? YOU!