Which Home Décor Style Is Right For You?

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Which Home Décor Style Is Right For You?

 A home that is decorated the way you like it is a warm and comforting utopia to come home to. Decorating your home in a way that satisfies your inner nature takes planning, and it's not always easy to figure out what sort of theme works best for you. If you're looking for ideas on what your dream look could be, here are our 5 favorite home décor styles.


The Modern Look

 If you prefer clean lines and a trimmed down look, a modern style is the right decorating scheme for you. The idea behind modern design is functionality over form. That means the décor should be functional over fussy. The modern look also goes hand in hand with natural colors and materials such as wood or stone.

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Farmhouse Décor

 The farmhouse decorating style brings elements of family life, rural living, and a warm, cozy feel to your home. This popular style includes carefully mismatched furniture, elements of hand made decoration, and above all, sturdiness. A farm house was filled with hard working people who didn't have time for delicate items, so a durable look is important.

 Think wood, metal, and pictures of nature to help bring farmhouse décor into your home.

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A coastal decorating style

 Who doesn't love a relaxed beachy style? If you can't wait to dip your toes in the ocean each summer, or just wish you lived somewhere you could, a coastal theme can be a wonderful inspiration for your home.

 In areas near the coast, wicker furniture is a practical choice because it stands up to the moisture constantly present in coastal areas. By bringing this element into your own home, you can give the same beach feel to your home. Think colors such as whites, creams, and blues to help give an airy, light feel to your home décor.

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The Bohemian Look

If you are a traveler at heart, and want to express your love for the world and all it has to offer, a bohemian look is the right choice for you. Bohemian style décor puts world culture as the central focus. It's okay to mix and match patterns and colors here. Think antique furniture, a patterned rug, a splash of color from artifacts brought home. Bohemian style décor, sometimes referred to as boho style, is really popular among millenials, and is one of the freshest looks out there.

 This look is fun, joyous, and crowded with life

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Happy medium: The transitional look

If you like the idea of a bohemian look, but you're not crazy about going all the way, you can add modern elements and go for a transitional look. In the end, home décor is about what you personally like, and if you want to add a splash of modernism to your coastal home, it is entirely up to you. Transitional looks take elements from what ever home décor style suits the home owner, and brings it together for a personal look that can be only you.

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How you decorate your home is up to you. The most important thing to remember when decorating is that you're the one that lives there. If your home décor looks good to you and makes you happy, it's the right choice for your home. Don't be afraid to experiment. You can always change it if you decide it isn't what you want to do after all.


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